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The Newest Far Cry 4 Kyrat Edition that Will Test Your Survival Skills

The Past Memories in Gaming

You may have played the other old versions of Far Cry that got you at the edge of your seats and made your survival skills improve. Now, with the new game that will be presented to you, you will have your minds blown because you will think again about your skills and apply them every time you do action in this game. You will be riding with elephants, tok-tok (an Indian vehicle), hovercraft, and many more vehicles that you can set your eyes on. In addition to this, you also have animals that you can kill or tame to help you in your missions.

Action Features areEverything


All the features in an open world game is present in Far Cry 4 Kyrat Edition, and this will definitely keep you in your homes as you progress in the story and improve life as you survive in both the wild and civilized areas. Aside from the characteristics of the game, Skyrim, this is much more different from just playing because you have immersion, which will detail the sense of being alive and saving yourself from the savage criminals that are there to kill you, if you do not act.

What to do?

Animals such as elephants will help you! Isn’t that awesome? You can both ride them and tame them to kill your enemies. On the other hand, guns and ammunitions are factors that completely make a game awesome and cool, to the point that it will send chills down your spine. Aside from this, you can also do other actions as well such as the following:

  • Shoot while you are driving
  • You can detonate bombs and create them;
  • In addition, you can do many more things because you have the freedom to do so. Now you have a world of your own where you can do whatever you want.

You can either do missions or just take it easy and improve yourself by getting the materials that you need.

Best Places to Buy Far Cry 4 Xbox 360

Things to Know Before Buying Far Cry 4

Ubisoft has finally released the fourth installment of their gaming series Far Cry last November 18, 2014. High hopes were given to the players who love this genre of gaming and fortunately, they never disappointed anyone. Still, the game is carried out by the protagonist Ajay Ghale on a mission to spread the ashes of his dead mother throughout the fictional country of Kyrat. Along his mission, he faces challenges, which involves frequent gunfights and many other modes of first-person attack.

Know Where You Can Buy the Far Cry 4


If you wish to buy the Far Cry 4, you can actually do it by visiting your local gaming shops. They can have several stocks available that await you and your friends. If you want the limited edition Far Cry package, it is best that you make your purchase online. You can have a collector’s box of far cry 4 xbox 360 or far cry 4 for play station, depending on your preferred gaming platform. They come in varied prices, which again depend on the selling website. But on rough estimate, you can buy a complete limited edition far cry package for as low as $59.00. It is not bad at all for a game that has truly improved after few installments.

On the Gamer’s Point of View

To wrap it up, the fourth installment of the Far Cry series is not as bad as it seems. It actually received several positive reviews since its release in the year 2014. Different critics and gamers were satisfied with the open-world map of Kyrat as a fictional country in Himalayas and the visuals were really impressive. What made it more interesting is that the additional game features and characters also contributed to the overall success of this game.